Treatment Of Postpartum Depression

Treatment of Postpartum Depression
  1. Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy: Treatment helps change negative thoughts and feelings that

lead to depression and provides effective coping skills to help alleviate postpartum depression

symptoms. Therapy also provides safe and consistent support to the mother, as well as essential

guidance during this time.  Interpersonal relationships are explored and family members are

encouraged to participate in the recovery process.


2. Medical Intervention:

Antidepressants are sometimes used to treat postpartum depression. Keep in mind that while

they are effective in alleviating depression, any medication you take during breast feeding will

enter your breast milk. It is important to discuss the potential benefits and risk with your doctor.


Hormone Therapy may be used to counteract the rapid decrease of estrogen accompanies

childbirth, which can help ease symptoms of postpartum depression. It is important to weigh

the benefits and the risk associated with hormone therapy for postpartum depression with

your doctor.