Parents raising difficult children will benefit from Dr. Csukay’s extensive training and experience using

behavior modification techniques to bring about positive changes in children’s behavior. She is a trained

provider of the “Catch Them Being Good” parenting program. In addition to children with ADD/ADHD

and ODD, Dr. Csukay treats children who are challenged by depression, anxiety, adoption issues,

social skills deficits, loss, grief and bereavement and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She also helps

teens navigate their way through the difficult hurdles of adolescence including dating and romantic

relationships, sexuality, and peer pressure for alcohol, sex and drugs. She has a unique approach to

help parents and teens communicate about these difficult issues.

Through years of experience as a clinical and school psychologist, Dr. Csukay has found that

an even more unique bond must be created when treating teens. Dr. Csukay’s  practice provides

a comfortable and warm environment for teens to really progress.

Dr. Csukay enjoys working with siblings of special needs children, helping them with the

frustration that comes from living with a sibling who has behavioral and psychological difficulties.

Dr. Csukay completed her Doctoral Dissertation on the study of sibling relationships and family

dynamics when there is a child with autism in the home.